At Playtography, I believe in being positive, giving each child their independence.  Each child is unique and will be treated fairly and loved unconditionally.

Each child will be provided with a safe, happy, and comfortable environment.    It is my responsibility to provide a positive discipline when needed, so a child may grow in their self control, and to help them to take responsibility in their actions.  As they do so, they will learn how to interact with others.

With discipline it takes setting realistic expectations for their age development,  listening skills, and patience.

I will use, Empathy.  When children feel understood, their loneliness and hurt diminish.  Sympathy serves as an emotional first aid for bruised feelings.  When I acknowledge how the child is feeling, this helps the child to recognize and accept his own feelings, which helps them to resolve. Empathy is mirroring their emotions, not their behaviour.   I will offer Praise, by acknowledging what they are doing right, and building up their self confidence.  SupervisionKindness,  while sometimes using Distraction and opportunities for Redirection, for teaching your child.   Being Consistent, helps the child to know what to expect and sets up a proper routine.

If tantrums, biting or fighting are frequent, I will try to find out the underlying cause.  I will intervene to make sure both children are safe. Both the abuser/victim’s parents will be notify.   There is a detailed form to fill out, that is not online. 


Any form of physical punishment, threatened, withdrawal of food, or use of the bathroom, abusive, profane language, public or private humiliation or form of emotional abuse, is unacceptable.