I am a licensed photographer with the City of Calgary. By having six children in my care, for less than 4 hours,  I am exempt from the Alberta Child Care Act to be licensed, and can not get a business license.   Since, I am not licensed, I can not provide a subsidy for lower income families.   I do though uphold my standards to a higher level, if I was licensed. These include doing the following:

1) No smoking on premises  

2) Nutrition.  Children will be seated when eating and drinking.  They will have clean dishes and utensils, in which we will practise our manners and our etiquette.  Parents will provide snack on a rotating bases for all 6 children.  Each parent will provide a group snack that is allergy friendly.  Encouragement of snack is to come from at least 3 food groups.  The food groups are:  fruits and vegetables, grains, dairy and other, meats and others.   Special care will be given for items that are choking hazards such as grapes, raw vegetables, chunks of meat and cheese, raisins, nuts/seeds, popcorn, by making sure that the cut food pieces are no larger than 1/2 inch.

3) Medication.  A written medical consent form must be provided by the parent, if medication is needed for first aid.  If the medication is stored on the premises, it will be in a locked container, where children can not access.   Other medication, such as first aid medication, will be stored in an inaccessible area.  If medication is to be administered while at Playtography, the medication must be in its original labelled bottle.  It will be recorded in a book, of what the name of the medication is, to whom it is given, the amount of medication, the time it was given, and signed.   A medical form upon registration will be filled out.

4) Health Care.  Medical Form upon registration will be filled out, if in case of an emergency or first aid, that first aid can be administered.

5) Layout of Premise/washroom.  Outlets are covered.  Extra attention is given to the type of window coverings, so there are no cords that could be at risk for choking.   There is a washroom attached to the playroom, and will be accessible to the children.  A sturdy stool will be provided to help reach the sink.  No cleaning products will be located in this bathroom. Safety measures will be taken for taps, and no items will be found under the cabinets or in the drawers.

Children are to be toilet trained.  Sure accidents can happen, I have extra clothes on hand, that they can wear.  If you like, feel free to pack an extra pair of underwear/pants, in your child’s backpack, too.

6) Space.  Min. requirement for indoors is 3 square metres or 32 sq ft per child.  I provide an area of over 400 sq ft of indoor play space, double the amount that is required for 6 children.  My outdoor space is huge and fenced.  All entrances and exits from the backyard are kept closed at all times while children are using the outdoor play space, and will be supervised when outside.

7) Indoor Furnishings and Equipment/Outdoor  Newage appropriate furnishings, books, toys, and play equipment that supports literacy will be available.   A sufficient quantity and variety with outdoor equipment as well, as age appropriate.

8) Records  All records will be in a binder.  In case of an emergency, and we have to leave the premises, I will have your information to contact you.

9) Staff & Education  I have a current police clearance, first aid, and cpr.   I also hold a 2 year diploma in Early Childhood Education and Development (Supervisor, or formerly known as the level 3).  I have a few years of nursing in my education, as well as being a mother of four children, two who are already adults.

10) Field Trips  When field trips are arranged outside of the premises.  Each parent has the sole responsibility in providing their own transportation for their child.  Consent Forms will be signed.