Check List

Step 1:  Make an appointment to come and see Playtography, and for your child to meet me, too.  If we are the right fit, be prepared to pay your fees, during your appointment. 

Step 2:  I will have a package for you to fill out the registration forms. 

Step 3:  Pay your non-refundable registration fee.  $125 goes towards your child’s professional photobook & supplies.

Step 4:  Methods of Payment:  (post dated cheques or e-transfer, ) 

Can be made by paying by post dated cheques,

     -1st day of September 2018 to the first day of June 2019  (10 post date cheques)     

Etransfers are welcome:   payment must be received on the 1st day of each month, for your child to attend.   Please send etransfer to: 

We will have an open house day before school starts, for parent & child, for them to remember how fun this is, and to capture a photo to use through their year.  I will contact you regarding the day and time.