How my photography was first started

My official photography website is found here.

Dad gifted the red film camera, branded as the “Tomato”, on my 16th birthday.    My fiancee stumbled with nervous hands with the Tomato to put film in prior to him proposing to me.    We had also invested in a compact Pentax film camera, and then our first digital camera, was a Kodak.

Our Kodak camera got left behind on a tour bus while vacationing in Mexico, with no chance of recovery.  Hopefully, whoever received it, enjoyed it as much as we did.  As a small business owner,  I needed new product jewelry shots.   A professional photographer, was too expensive to hire for one a kind pieces.

In 2009, Canon has just came out with their first dslr that had could record video movies; the canon rebel t1i.   My techie husband got excited!  I enrolled in photography lessons, as we knew there would be a huge learning curve.     Two years of night classes, I was rewarded my photography certificate from at SAIT.

2012, I started my own photography business.  I run it part time, as its one of my creative outlets.