If you were blind, how would you describe colours?

How do you describe the colour  Black if you can’t see it? 

Back in my college days, when I was going to school in Early Childhood Education and Development.  We had to do an experiment, and report back.  We were given a choice to choose one of the following: blindness, deafness, or being in a wheelchair.  We had to experience our daily tasks, for 24 hours, inside our home, and outside in a public place.  It was then discovered, how our homes or businesses may not of been easily equipped, do we rely on others, as well as our senses to help assist us.



I choose being blind!

I patched up both of my eyes with gauze, and then put sunglasses over top.  I then went out to a restaurant, with a group of friends.  The waitress, spoke loudly to make sure I could hear what was on the menu.  I felt each utensil, and textures of food in my mouth.  Here in Calgary, there is a new restaurant, called The Dark Table.    You can experience eating withour your eye sight, without having to pretend, and it helps employ up to 70% blind, and visually impaired.  Check it out for a true experience, without having to go in pretending to be blind.

Walking throughout the house, I felt each step using the back of my heal, as I walked up and down the stairs, and touched my clothing labels, seams & texture of each piece making sure I was wearing my shirts the right side out.   I definetly could not read, braile.   It was an enlightening experience to be in another pair of shoes.  If you were blind, how would you describe colours?

A favourite book of mine, is called the “The Black Book of Colours” by Menena Colton

Each page in the book is visually black, and it is beautifully illustrated with textured images that describe each colour, through items that one might taste or feel.  There is also braile, but reviewers say, that the braile is not bigger enough or textured enough for an visually impaired child to understand, but it at least introduces to a child.  I introduce it gently, to four years olds, and would recommend a 8/10.

Miss Chrissy


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