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Risky behaviors we expose our younger children too.

My mom is a great sewer, and as I child of course, I would mimic her.  She would place the pins in her mouth, as she would sew, rather than the pin cushion.  I did […]

If you were blind, how would you describe colours?

How do you describe the colour  Black if you can’t see it?  Back in my college days, when I was going to school in Early Childhood Education and Development.  We had to do an experiment, […]

Why We Love reading (and You Should, too!)

As a young preschool child I struggled with speech.  My parents were concern, as I wasn’t speaking, and was in my own world.  They took me to the Toronto children’s hospital for a series of […]

Why Art?

In an elementary class, as a teacher’s art assistant, I heard her express her frustation to her students one day, when they didn’t seem to be accomplishing much.  Her question “What is the purpose of […]