Risky behaviors we expose our younger children too.

My mom is a great sewer, and as I child of course, I would mimic her.  She would place the pins in her mouth, as she would sew, rather than the pin cushion.  I did this, when I was about 8 years old watching her, and I sucked one of those pins right into my throat!  I know what it feels like to have my mom’s fingers down by throat trying to retrieve a pin or two!

As a mom of 4, I remember a time, when my daughter at age 2, stuck up a plastic alphabet bead up her nose.  Luckily, I caught a glimpse of it, before it hit the black hole.  We went to the walk in doctor, where we tried a variety of methods, like suction, and ended up with having to have her lay down and blow hard, up the unobstructed nostril, to loosen it to come down.  It was a task that was our last resort, before surgery, as nothing else was working!

Despite our own behaviors that are set by example, or leaving craft supplies out, some of the every day objects or food, should be thought about more carefully, especially around younger children.

I’m an adamant believer that especially during snack time, or eating,  children should be sitting,  not running around, and are not left alone, are less likely to choke.

Just remember the size of a child’s throat is about as narrow as a thin straw.

Parties – Opt out of the Latex Balloons, this was drilled into my head as an early childhood educator to be so careful!!  If an non-inflated or pieces of a latex balloon was to get stuck in a child’s throat, it will easily conform to their trachea.  Most latex balloons, come with a 8 year and under warning label for choking.  It is nearly impossible to get a latex balloon back out of a child’s throat.  Better option, buy Mylar (foil) balloons.    Cellophane or plastic wrap, can also cause the same affect as a balloon.  Party on, but just opt for other types of balloons.

Hog Dog Lunches that serve hot dogs that aren’t cut!   Take a knife and slice down length wise of the dog.

Being alone in the restroom. We all love a time to ourselves, but when we aren’t in there.  Keep the water temperature down, the electronic clippers and razor blades way, and the lids of the toilet seats down.  Younger children are top heavy, and can easily topple over, and drowning in small amounts of water can be avoidable.

Round Foods such as Grapes – Are the third most common cause of food-relating choking deaths after hot dogs and candies.  They are slippery and easily can be popped into a mouth.  Grapes, are fairly close to the size of a child’s esophagus.   Before eating grapes, or other round foods, such as blueberries,  slice them lengthwise, and then into quarters.

Stuffing marshmallows into their mouth, to play a game of “Funny Bunny”.  The marshmallow are already slimey, gooey, and sticky…just like peanut butter, not good for young children.

Watching at home and going out to the Movies, unless your child can chew really well and usually above 5 years of age, popcorn shouldn’t be given. Even a piece of the popcorn can lodge into the throat and cause a serious infection.   When changing your remote tv controller, discard your batteries, especially be cautious with  button batteries, as they are corrosive and enticing for young children.

All these activities can of course, be enjoyed with proper supervision, and with knowledge of what not to serve or give to a younger child.

Use common sense, if a toy fits inside a toilet paper roll, it is too small, for a child under 3 years of age.

Become educated, Learn first aid, and become cpr trained, you never know when you might need it for a child, yourself, or for another!





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